Program product which client needs, may be most simple or complicated, but CMS Drupal allows developers to create different websites.

There are three main stages of development:

  • Analyzing and planning (includes setting business goals, making plan, creating a detailed technical specification;
  • Development and design (creating UX and UI design, developing the website by Drupal);
  • Testing and launch (checking functions of the site on a test server, fixing all bugs and deploying Drupal site on the production server).

According to this scheme, UI (User Interface) is a powerful tool for web designer. UI designer is responsible for everything that visitors will see on the interface of the website.

UI includes:

  • visual design;
  • interface design;
  • color balanced graphic;
  • text decoration;
  • illustrations.

UX (User Experience) makes visitors being on the site comfortable (or, if UX is not so good – uncomfortable). That is why UX designer understands what users need and want. He may takes part in studying and analyzing customer’s feedbacks, test designing.

UX includes all the interaction between customer and company:

  • create profiles for users;
  • interview users;
  • research field;
  • gathering information;
  • create charts;
  • information architecture;
  • coordination with UI designers;
  • content development;
  • create process maps;
  • creating sketch;
  • members evaluation;
  • prototyping.

Communication with the client is the key to success of the company, because when visitor does not like the site (or if it is difficult to find information), he searches for another.

UX and UI on Drupal site have common characteristics:

  • interface design;
  • graphics;
  • visual design;
  • text decoration;
  • illustrations.

But between UX and UI are huge differences.

UI designer takes care of color gamut and layout, selects the image.

UX designer is responsible for organizing the system. He improves it for users, so they can find the information easy. UX Designer role involves many challenges and is multifaceted, because he must understand the user. Interviewing and assessment are only two ways for achieving this goal.

Although between UI and UX designers, there are fundamental differences, they complement each other, thus helping to facilitate the use of the site.

To summarize, UX/UI are good tools for finding decisions regarding design and visual design that is associated with the interaction with the user and creating really modern product.