Andriy Homych

I have 3 years of experience in web development of projects. Main development platform drupal 7, but also I have experience with: php commercial systems, frameworks yii, zend; optimize the performance of sites; configuring servers for websites. The majority of work performed - commercial sites different type (business cards, shops, portals).

Key technologies that I use to work are:

    • Mysql (writing and query optimization, search slow query, design tables, database architecture for the basic principles of normalization and denormalization data).
    • PHP (Architecture Design classes, writing features, use basic pattern design, performance of optimization code)
    • Javascript (jquery append plugins or custom code writing ajax requests and processing them on the site)
    • HTML, CSS (designing of the basic structure of web pages, their layout, responsive layout item, cross browser platforms, using perfect pixel test results, create semantic structure of pages, using css3 possibilities).

Presently I’m working with cms drupal 7, as the most effective solution for quick creation of websites, their expansion in the presence of a large number of ready-made modules and a fairly decent architecture preservation, distributing and processing data.

Drupal skills:

      • Experience 3 years cms drupal 7.
      • Design of Site structures, working with taxonomy, main entities of Drupal.
      • Theming website templates for writing of the necessary modules to create their own themes, expanding existing building new themes based on themes templates.
      • Writing custom modules, testing and verification of existing modules, against the required needs for the project.
      • Writing modules patches, kernel patches or other functionality of the site.
      • Setting up Drupal sites for performance-based connections NGINX, Memcached, APC. Tuning of server settings for better performance of site. Possible optimization of database and work with xhprof for searching of slow places in work of site.

Other useful skills:

    • Set up and work with Debian, Ubuntu, Cent OS servers.
    • Work with CVS (Git, SVN).
    • Work with Jira, Redmine.
    • Experience in remote teams.
    • Work with payment systems.

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