Increasingly, Internet users enjoy traditional computers and variety of devices such as a tablet or a smart phone.

Markets researches show that the number of people, who view sites from a mobile device, from year to year will grow and eventually will overrun the number of people, using a desktop.

Therefore, the site should display correctly not only on the desktops, but on tablets and smart phones too. It allows every visitor to find the necessary information easy, no matter what device he uses.

For that reason sometimes developers create a mobile version. But this approach is long and expensive, because they actually must create a new site that will be convenient for mobile phones owners. And the holder has to serve two sites – regular and mobile.

Much more appropriate is development of responsive design. It requires less time and money for developing, and the site owner have to provide a single site.

Using responsive design for developing Drupal site makes the software more user­friendly. After all, regardless of screen size, the content will be structured and served in an optimal way. Thus, the visitors will be happy and come back again.