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Psychology of client or how to increase sales online store

   For several time professionals confirmed that the greatest success in online business reach those malls that when creating online store provide specifics of psychology and neyroeconomy of  their potential customers.
   The following eight tips will help to create a modern online store of sells.
   Neyroeconomic researches showed that all customers can be divided into 3 types: economical,  spenders and moderate spenders.

Websites created with CMS Drupal

Websites created with CMS Drupal

Drupal - is popular Content Management System (CMS), which is used for developing websites and was established in 2001. The task of content management systems (CMS) - facilitate the creation, content and updating the website. CMS Drupal is based on PHP + MySQL. It is free of charge in use.

Normally, Drupal is a powerful platform compared to others in this area, it is designed to create a more functional or complex websites with individual solutions.

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