CMF Drupal is closely connected with PHP technology. Drupal was developed for work with PHP language together and in same environment and it was distributed on well known But besides this, there were a lot of efforts for make Drupal working with PHP together, like one same system in the world of web development. In real, there were little changes of some features and operating systems, which components of core were working with packages.

Php is connected with Drupal, even by it modules and memory requirements. Here there some differences of using PHP technology, which depend from versions of Drupal. This mean that when you work with drupal or add any changes you must be always sure in right configuration of values. From this depend correct work of all systems between user, Drupal and PHP.

For example of connection at Drupal 7 and php, however there is a number of the innovations involving object opportunities of PHP 5. Such adding open behind programmers a lot of possibilities in constructing of projects and open their possibilities.

There are a lot of extensions in Drupal, which work on control of php. Main of them it’s Database extensions, XML extensions, Image library, JSON, FileInfo extensions and other. Few words about them. PHP extensions with help of which you may connect your chosen and installed database for Drupal. As for XML – it’s extension, which used in Drupal and is enabled with standard installation of PHP. Besides this, there are Image library, it’s used for different manipulation with images, resizing, adding and publishing.

Drupal developers of Drupaloutsourcing company know all specific of using PHP during web development on Drupal. There are big variety of possibilities, if you are good skilled and professional. Every month we developed nearly 2-3 big web sites for our clients, in every project our developers work with PHP coding, because this help to correct code for any module and add new features. We can propose our professional service of Drupal development, where we surely will use best options of PHP possibilities. Almost, we work with Drupal 7 and PHP 5, because it’s most popular and functional components for developing of different modern projects in our days.

By joined our service you can be sure in our high skilled team, quick and quality work with Drupal, as most popular CMF in our days. Our cooperation will open a lot of useful benefits for you and your project. We open for every client and every question.