Drupal-developers have met this summer with the release of Drupal 9. This is extremely pleasing since it means more advanced opportunities both for developers and users. The upgraded version (an improved version of Drupal 8) is much more effective, and incorporates convenient tools (document distribution, a new page constructor), a slight upgrade (without switching to a new platform), and regular improvements that constantly confirm the top position of Drupal. In this way, CMS community have made an emphasis and strengthened its position towards structured data management.

Along with Drupal 9, you will be able to create and obtain a quality product with the unique structured content. Besides, there will be also the possibility of further extensions and additions. CMS has been supported by tens of thousands of developers around the world due to its powerful technical architecture, an easy interface, and a high-technology security. Anyone may learn and use Drupal 9 technology as well as share their own experience and achievements.