DrupalOutsourcing does not stop improving the company reputation. We really stay in the number of the most progressive and successful companies. As we work solely with Drupal, we have professional secrets, which we have decided to open for young and ambitious developers by offering courses in the Drupal development.

Courses in the DrupalOutsourcing company will be the first professional step to teaching and preparing developers to work on the professional level with CMF Drupal. The founder of DrupalOutsourcing and our best educated team of developers will conduct this courses. The courses will last for 1 month.


For the best perception of information we decided to divide information, which students will hear on lections to three main parts:

  • Application architecture - possibilities of Drupal core, functionality of modules (functional set and tools of Drupal modules, specialized form of modules for specific operations), independent realization of main logic in application development.
  • Visual design – few words about opportunity of template selection, their types and our advices for use. Method of separation of a template layer in Drupal theme.
  • AJAX - useful creation and development of the interface for using in Drupal development.


Practice and fixing of learned information:

  • Work operations – selection of application type and setting of requirements for it. Application architecture. Requirements for visual design and choice of subject.
  • Main configuration - installation of a core for system, options of localization, how to switch on and configurate feature set.
  • Design and personalization - editing and connection of design to site.
  • Tasks implementation - coding of the necessary system modules, which can realize logic of application operation.
  • Testing. We will test our written and realized projects.


At the end of courses each student will have exams. After our exams, each of developers, which passed our courses will get European certificate. For best developers our company will propose work places in our team. DrupalOutsourcing company will be happy to open new talents and prepare professional developers.