As we know Drupal have strong connection with MySQL, thanks for their combination on our planet exist a lot of large websites. Drupal and MySQL had success on start thanks to talented developers and user communities in begin of of their development. History of MySQL using on Drupal begin from 90-th years. In that time MySQL was in active use with PHP for quick repairing even strong and dynamic sites using most cheap plans of hosting. This opportunity opens doors to such PHP projects, as Drupal.

From beginning Drupal had a role of message board , but after changes, which added Dries Buytaert there were beginning of new time for Drupal. One of strengths of that version was extensible nature and dynamic flexible opportunities in work. MySQL had a role of backend database in 2000s years.

During first years Drupal and MySQL technology were in third version and had real capability for that time. Such combination between Drupal and MySQL opened behind developers new great possibilities for creating of sites with new functions and options without using of new HTML code.

If in early versions of Drupal there were very poor support of database. We can surely say, that development of 6 version of Drupal and including there of another API Schema, opened alternative support for big number of Drupal modules.

After appearance of 7 Drupal version began quick improvement of database core by adding there some new changes in database layer in architecture of system. Drupal and MySQL improved, after adding to the project of InnoDB. After increasement of using by such companies, as Google, which showed example of scale using of MySQL and changes to core of system, MySQL get new popularity. In 2007 and 2008 by the help of Google, there were published patches of MySQL versions 4 and 5. Thanks for this Drupal got great support and strong database.

During last years Oracle released MySQL version 5.6 and Drupal began development of it 8-th version. Drupal 8 haven’t such amazing changes, but there are a lot of changes in backend, which give more variable options for work with database and include such moment,as:

  • Branding of new values for keys;
  • Better configuration system;
  • Initiative of Management;
  • Better Entity API;
  • Recaching of layer;
  • REST framework throught WSCCI (Web Service and Context Core Initiative)

MySQL and Drupal were proved, as perfect open source companions over the years of existing. They will have bright future and a lot of successful projects.