jQuery language opens a lot of opportunities to use it during development of sites. And if you’ll use with such it with such powerful system like Drupal, you can create wonderful projects and fill them with lots of useful features. Jquery easy helps to style desired elements or simply add interactivity to a spectacular look and additional functions. Developers of Drupaloutsourcing company always use functions and abilities of jQuery together with Drupal too. Drupal CMF ships with jQuery technology, and many contributed modules expand and build on this foundation. For this reason, it's great to know Drupal 7 finally defaults to wrapping all jquery code within anonymous functions to make your project different from other!

Using of Jquery code can open behind programmer new possibilities of creating different forms, galleries views, panels and a lot of useful modules. All this options developers of Drupaloutsourcing company can add during creating of project. But for installing of this modules you need to be real professional, because from right integration of Jquery which mean such modules depend right and quick work of your site. Beside this Drupal give full possibilities for every developer of writing and integration any code from beginning to end by himself with further integration of it into CMF system.

For example, according to investigation of W3Techs association, JQuery is used by over half of a million most visited sites in the world. Library of jQuery is the most popular JavaScript, which is heavily used today in most of projects. At all, jQuery it is free software licensed under the MIT.

Syntax of JQuery technology is designed to make orientation easier to navigate through the choice of elements DOM, create animations, handle events, and develop AJAX-applications and different elements. jQuery also provides capabilities for developers to create plugins on top of the library JavaScript in Drupal. Using these features, developers can create abstractions for low-level interaction and animation to create a high-level effects. This helps to create powerful and dynamic web pages.

The main objective of jQuery - is to give the developer an easy and flexible tools of integration in different browsers addressing DOM objects, using CSS and XPath selectors. Also, this framework provides interfaces for Ajax-applications, event handlers and simple animation.

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