JavaScript language always stay in number of most used languages. This language is easy to understand for every coder, who know PHP, because it very familiar to it. But there are some differences in operators of coding between them.

Drupaloutsourcing Drupal developers use JavaScript during site development too. Our developers are familiar with such concepts, as variable scope, closures, inheritance , context and methods. All this help them to make best code integration of JavaScript in pages of Drupal sites. In our days sites, which are builded on Drupal have great variety of different modernizations and new options, which make coding more variable and have better control on adding and control of JavaScript code.

Function drupal_add_js () in Drupal allows you to select the boot scripts. In addition to explicitly specify the waiting list there are predefined to constants:

  • JS_LIBRARY: library settings (settings), jQuery plugins.
  • JS_DEFAULT: JavaScript modules.
  • JS_THEME: JavaScript in order.

Best Drupal modules with JavaScript utility:

  • taxonomy_quick_find – unit for showing links to materials relevant to the selected term in the drop-down list;
  • active_tags - Adds a new option for dictionaries with a free input;
  • vertical_tabs - Allows to show section of the edit page of the document in the form of vertical tabs;
  • jstools - Contains a set of tools that extend and simplify the use of Drupal (drupal.js) JavaScript and AJAX;
  • pngfix - Includes plug-in jQuery PNG Fix, which allows you to correctly display .png-files in Internet Explorer;
  • collapsiblock - Allows you to make blocks minimized;
  • jquery_update - Updates the standard version of jQuery included in Drupal. In Drupal 5 includes a version of jQuery 1.0.1, this module allows you to install a more recent version of JavaScript, which contains more functional and better maintained;
  • activeedit - Allows you to edit documents without reloading the page through pop-up windows. This is the beginning of a complete redesign Active edit, included in the module Javascript Tools;
  • craqbox - Web application window when working with images, shapes, pages;
  • cck_editbutton - Creates the edit button for the field CCK, allowing creator of the document type to add javascript button to the field CCK, active when the document is edited and hidden when viewed from;
  • dynamic_persistent_menu - Lets you create dynamic horizontal menu. The menu consists of two layers: the items shown on the top level page always, and the lower layer items are displayed depending on what point the upper level hovers a mouse;
  • fotonotes - The script is designed to create "notes" on the pictures: allocate land, leave a comment for this section and, in the future, when you hover the cursor over it will display your comment;
  • saveguard - Adds JavaScript, which allows you to specify that any form on the page has been modified and uses the onBeforeUnload to display a page with the message window (which is set) when the user attempts to leave this page without saving your changes;
  • username_check - The module allows users who have decided to register on the site, check the availability of accounts;
  • compact_forms - The module allows you to customize forms, making them more compact;
  • block_refresh - Module Block Refresh allows you to specify the time after which the unit will be updated content;
  • websnapr - The module allows you to display a screenshot of the page on which the link leads. Screenshot appears when you hover over the link;
  • ahah_forms - The module adds AJAX / JavaScript to operate without reloading the page and without having to write any java-scripts.

JavaScript it’s wonderful thing, but only in hands of professional it can work, as must. For this reason, Drupaloutsourcing company propose for our clients big variety of services and technologies. We make everything for success of our consumers.