API (Application Programming Interface) is an interface that allows different software components to interact with each other. For example, between the client and the server site.

    API enables work resources that use the capabilities and capacity of providing the site, as well as launch additional components to them, empowering web­project.


    • Stability. The program is compatible with a wide range of computers modifications.
    • Portability. the same software can be written for different hardware platforms.
    • Simplicity. For example, the program can contain 3D­rendering technology (imaging object).

    DrupalGap is the tool with open source development application for Drupal­based websites. This appliance can be used for easy multi­platform development of mobile applications that communicate with Drupal­site and web applications for Drupal­sites.

    DrupalGap has many useful features, which make the process of writing code easier and a project will be done in shorter period. This method of creating mobile applications is cheaper than traditional development. It allows to perform projects with small budget on the high quality level.

    Day by day using mobile applications (instead of opening the site in the browser) become more convenient and more popular. We offer our clients to keep up with modern technologies and use DrupalGap for creating a mobile application for IOS and Android.