Video-oriented websites normally use external provider of video content such as Blip.TV or YouTube. Such approach eliminates the bandwidth from customer server and enables to include videos in their posts and virtually share videos online.

Drupal is regarded as a premium video integration platform as it embeds video content of all formats by means of video integration modules.

Drupal embeds third-party videos by pasting the video’s code in a post. To this end, most video content providers offer HTML snippet to embed the videos. This option is inconvenient, however, as it assumes the application of specific filter consisting of tags and < object >, < embed >, and < param >, which threatens customer website by potential attacks. Thereby this option can be used by administrators and entrusted editors only. The use of the Full HTML filter is also insecure as it allows general use of the filter which will subsequently open the website to dangerous cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks.

Several available modules provide limited support for embedding media content retrieved from third-party sources, including Asset and Video modules. Though, the most appropriate is Embedded Media Field and its integral package constituent - Embedded Video Field. is highly experienced in the area of third party (external) video integration and so far we have created a lot of gaming websites based on video integration platforms.