Drupal is a user-friendly system suitable for everyone even those who lack programming background. DrupalOutsourcing.com performs Drupal training at customer websites.

Such training helps everyone who directly deals with creating, editing, and managing web content after the website is ready for use.

The training also explains how customers should use Drupal powered website. The training materials cover all the essential issues such as account registration, logging in, altering account settings and creating customized content. The training materials also explain the procedure of changing of website settings by an administrator and working with new design and functional features of the new website version. The training materials cover information on module setting, alteration of core and contributed themes and account activation matching various user roles, which altogether enable to serve various types of users and perform various functions on the website.

Philosophy of DrupalOutsourcing

At Drupal we know that training can be both interesting and fun. Through our training sessions we open new perspectives of the advanced technologies and the ways they help us in our life. Previously complex solutions are now possible to seek through the use of the cutting-edge technologies. Drupal offers you a unique opportunity to create effective websites in quick and affordable fashion which would be unthinkable even a few years ago. At Drupal we therefore much emphasize on the importance of learning since Drupal is very empowering tool.

Our training philosophy consists not only in asking 'how' but also in asking 'why'. With Drupal we encourage you not only to understand how you should do something but also why you should do it. Thus, through Drupal training you will learn more about website functionality and its effectiveness and resourcefulness to reach your strategic goals. By learning all this you will definitely know why you really need it. Being proficient at web strategies and web development, we take time over our training sessions to look at the big picture and critically assess all the pros and cons of the possible approaches and the best ways of their implementation.


During Drupal training, we closely cooperate with professional developers who aim to learn Drupal as well as with non-developers who would like to develop Drupal sites in the future.

Along with the training courses, we also interact with various organizations as well as professional trainers who create their own websites for their projects and institutions they work at.

DrupalOutsourcing.com offers both on-site and remote training. Please feel free to contact us for further details.