At we apply essential adjustments to speed up Drupal performing tuning which is popular and widely applied CMS. We arrange Performance Optimization at three levels.

the web server

Drupal is written in PHP and installed on MySQL database and Apache web server. Drupal is converted to executable program to assist every new webpage that applies PHP engine. Drupal applies MySQL database to store webpage content. By using you decrease the loading period and speed up the functionality of your website owing to:

  • PHP accelerator script caching through saving and re-using the converted scripts;
  • MYSQL query caching through saving and re-using the outcomes of general queries.


In-built performance features of Drupal CMS reduce page load period and speed up your website owing to:

  • Drupal page caching enabling to save and re-use pre-built pages;
  • Aggregation of Drupal CSS files to combine various files into a single one and displace comments and extra white spaces;
  • Enabling block caching through the replacement of slow blocks with cached versions quicker to assemble.

and webpage layout

Modification in page.tpl as well as other folders enables to make theme browser user-friendly. In addition, Drupal performs theme optimization on this stage.