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Lesson # 2 - Install Drupal 7 and configure themes

Lesson plan

1. Installing Drupal 7

2. The basic concepts of Drupal

3. Installing themes ZEN

4. Install and configure the sub-theme

5. Adding of your own blocks in the theme

6. Creating of content type

7. The theming of content type

Installing Drupal 7

Lesson # 1 - Settings of your workspace

   For programming at the primary level, needs following software (SOFTWARE):

  • Operating system
  • The web server
  • Text editor
  • FTR client
  • Graphic editor
  • Messenger for messaging with other employees and customers

Operating system

Microdata, JSON-LD and


   Microdata (also RDFa or Microformats) is a semantic markup HTML pages for describing their content.
Google and other major search engines support to structure the data. This dictionary notes the standard definitions of the main types of information on the page for the key elements. More than 10000000 of the sites use the dictionary for marking up its web pages.

The data on the page can be structured in three different formats:

Site. Why do you need it?

   It is unlikely that you will find today the company (at least in large cities),that don`t has its own internet site. Internet commerce and Internet advertising every year more and more gaining momentum because it is extremely advantageous over conventional methods of trading and advertising.

How to become a successful Drupal developer

   In order to become a successful developer Drupal - to have certain baggage of knowledge not enough, it is needed yet correctly to use them, to choose correct direction. To begin to work with Drupal it is needed to know many new things. In particular, first you must listen to next advices and try to develop with every level.

Architecture Symfony2

Watching the virtuoso conjurer and his beautiful assistants, we have arise a desire to know how he does it? As everything is arranged inside? The same is happens when working with frameworks which do everything lieu of us, but we want to know how they do it, and if necessary be able to change the behavior.


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