If you need a site to effectively promote your business, but you do not want to spend a lot of money on it - then you'll be ideally suited for landing.

Why landing? Because landing - is a one-page website that is aimed at increasing the client's audience. Such website is fairly easy to use, usually encourages the user to take some action: to purchase a product, to subscribe, to register somewhere, and more. Properly thought-out landscaping will definitely give you the result you expect.

Such website has a minimum of filling, a laconic design, gives clear indications of a certain action. These one-page websites have become particularly popular recently, thanks to their efficiency and little cost for their creation.

Here are some examples of a well-designed landing page, with good design and clear goals.

1. Dtelepathy

This website is an example of how to use the most accent - red. A menu that's always at hand when scrolling a page, a white background and a black print - all of this perfectly emphasizes the moments in which the brand wins

2. Ahumanproject

 The website, will remembered not only by the extraordinary main photo, but also by the convenience and ease of use. A big plus to everything - is the website that collects funds for noble purposes.


 Another example, where the red color is well focuses on the right moments. Everything is brief, but very clearly and informatively depicted. There are immediately buttons for ordering the required service package. Asgard - is an excellent tool for managing various projects and tasks. You set priorities yourself, log out time, save all data, and even download different files. There is a timer that fixes how much time you have worked on this or that task - you no longer need to mention how much you spent working time.

4.Sony’s Alpha Universe

 Only when you come here, you can already get a sea of aesthetic pleasure. But this is not just a well-looking website, it's a space for professional photographers and photo lovers who have chosen a Sony Alpha camera for themselves. Here is the exchange of tips, useful texts, a lot of great photos. In short, it is a great community for photographers and a vivid example of good landscaping.



 Landing, which is very pleasing to the eyes - comfortable colors do not overload the eyes, but at the same time focuses on important points. Interesting is their slideshow of images, which allows customers to see what their software looks like. The website is not overloaded, everything is clear and clear to every user.