SEO (Search Engine Optimization, eng.) - optimization of search engines. This is a set of activities for web-site promote in search results or in other words improving of positions in search engine for user queries. The higher the position in the search results on request, the more guests will come on it.


Today, the foundation of a successful promotion is competent SEO optimization of its contents. An important aspect of SEO optimization is filling sites by  thematic content, optimized for the requirements of search engines.
The basis for optimization must become key statements, which will be promoting your site, after assembling of semantic core of the site, you need the text content of the site according to the selected expressions.
SEO-copywriting - is part of the kind of process, as  the internal website optimization for search engines, which is held to increase the relevancy of the site.
The uniqueness of the text is a very important factor, that determines the position of the site in the results of search engines. Except specially optimized content, on your site should be kept simple, not optimized texts.
Depending on the complexity, SEO optimization can attract a number of visitors. You can use a number of key phrases, which will be promotion of the site.
When users make queries, the search engine (yandex, google, bing, mail, rambler and others) begin to create the analysis pages of the portal with common keywords. Choosing from all those where the best fit key phrases and text, as well as taking into account the “weight” (depends on the number of influential websites that link to you), gives in the search results also the "need".


Optimization consists of several important factors. Almost in any article about SEO mentioned that, before the promotion, it is necessary to restructure and "comb". Who want to save money, begin to do this work themselves, and not get the desired effect. The thing is in that, that professional SEO specialists know all the intricacies of optimization, and having knowledge and experience - have all chances perfectly to do this work.
Who have dealt with inner content must to remember that further work on promoting requires the greatest skill and experience. There is strong commitment to that, the website soon took the position of the TOP-10 (first 10 rows returned by a query user in a search engine), have all chances to lead to the opposite result.

Basic SEO tools:
     >  directories (free, paid);
     >  social networks, blogs; 
     >  purchase of quality links;
     >  press – releases; 
     >  articles.

Searching robots check, how many references are present on an index web-site from other resources. Than more references, especially from the top web-sites with the high rating, the higher rating will be appropriated to the resource.
An enormous value must has an unicity of text and photo. It is impossible simply to copy the article from other resource and place it on the own web-site. A searching agent quickly will educe plagiarism and will leave in an index the article from  that web-site, where he first index it. If the search robot will determine that the article was copied, he will miss it  or will make  low rating for it. Therefore the resource must be filled with only unique content that can be purchased or order on the different exchanges of content. If to know that such seo and correctly to apply these knowledge, it is possible in short spaces considerably to promote rating own site.
The concept of a personal site for yourself and SEO-site - are two different things. SEO-site - it is mostly a special business product that is intended to generate income. Therefore, creating a project that aims to bring pleasure not only inner satisfaction, but also real earnings - requires competent and quality SEO-optimization.
Performing work efficiently and professionally, promotion from the zero mark occurs in 2-3 months. Full result can be seen after 4 months from start of the work.
Design Studio for the creation and promotion of sites Drupaloutsoursing is always glad  professionally to make any work on the site promotion.