Websites created with CMS Drupal

Drupal - is popular Content Management System (CMS), which is used for developing websites and was established in 2001. The task of content management systems (CMS) - facilitate the creation, content and updating the website. CMS Drupal is based on PHP + MySQL. It is free of charge in use.

Normally, Drupal is a powerful platform compared to others in this area, it is designed to create a more functional or complex websites with individual solutions.

This CMS requires developers more technical knowledge and practical skills.

Because Drupal is a powerful CMS, that does not mean that its use would not be appropriate when creating simple sites, for example -  website-card. On the contrary, those people who choose this CMS to implement their ideas, are more far-sighted, because in our time of information technology also are changes economic direction, develop business infrastructure, and therefore even a simple site if necessary, will be supplemented certain modules, which, incidentally, is also free and available. And therefore, even on the basis of a simple website - card, in case such a need, you can build more complex solutions, such as professional online shop.

The main advantages, that help to choose Drupal:

⦁ Security

⦁ Power

⦁ Flexibility and Performance

⦁ The ability to provide effective SEO settings

⦁ The large number of different modules for implement any decisions

⦁ Ability to integrate special payment systems, and adding modules for e-commerce that are an integral part of the construction of online stores

⦁ support multilingualism.

CMS Drupal is used to support some of the world famous and powerful websites.

First, we should mention the site of community  developer Drupal -, at which are constantly emerging innovative solutions and new modules.


Government organizations


The latest news from the White House

President Obama introduced the creation of application, that is based on Drupal, entitled "We the People", which allows American citizens simply send an e-petition on the most important issues for them, immediately directly to the president. (Very exciting news from the White House today. Last night President Obama fulfilled his promise to release the code behind "We the People", a Drupal-based application that enables the American people to directly petition the President of the United States on issues they care most about).

With help Drupal site, also created a government of Australia - (Government of Australia)


Drupal solutions also have chosen are the most popular establishments in education as:

Stanford University -


Harvard University -


The site of the University of Oxford -


The best solutions for developers




And other projects ...






So, if you really want a successful and high-quality design for your business, you can not hesitate to choose Drupal.

And our team is happy to help implement your ideas.