Today is very popular for promotion site is the method of promotion using articles. That is, the resource promotion in the search engines  by using articles. In general, it is very important for search engine promotion, as for users, as well as using article, resource gradually filled with unique thematic content, as a result, it gets a reference. This leads to the fact that the site quickly indexed by the search engines, as a result of its is enhanced PR and TCI, and as we know, these indicators are very important for the credibility of resources in the eyes of search engines.

If we compare this method with other variants of promotion, this method has a number of its advantages. First of all, the link, that is published in an article,is in the inside of the thematic text, as a result, control  weight of its increases. Also, a link that is in the article, there is for a long time, until there will be the site, where it is located. You also need to consider one important fact that in one article may be not one, but even a few links, as a result, with a single article we can promote multiple sites.

Of course, to untwist a site using articles, their presence is necessary. Well, there are a large number of options where these articles take. First, you can write their own, and secondly, it is possible to attract for this work special people - copywriters. Thirdly, the finished article can be purchased at special sites - shops of the articles  or exchanges of the articles .

A very important point - just not worth taking, and copy text from other websites. First, such action is in direct violation of copyright law, as such actions have no meaning at all, as most search engines determine what content is copied. And similar to the facts in these extremely negative attitude, this may lead to a downgrade in the eyes of the search engine. Also, there are times when sites just banyat by this.

In order to effectively promote your site,  should be placed only unique text on it. Of course, you can resort to solutions that are able to facilitate the job for get the unique text. There are services that help propagate texts. That is, you must have one unique article and with a special resource you can multiply this article and get few unique texts. You can also do this with rewriting, ie preserving sense to rewrite the text of other words.

Again, when you will be write articles, that will serve as a means for promotion, you must choose the right keywords. In addition, these words should be carefully and very well-prepared to insert in the text. It is important that in articles to promote resource choose medium frequency and low-frequency queries. This is due to the fact that high-frequency queries, despite the fact that they are very popular in the network, will not lead the audience to the website .

And another very important point: when the article written to promote, do not abuse the number of keywords in it. From the total number of text keywords should not exceed 7%. Otherwise, a large number of keys will be negatively perceived not only by search engines but also by the users of the site.