Search engine optimization (SEO) for Google, Yandex

Search Engine Optimization - SEO (SEO) is actually a set of internal operations on the site. These actions lead to the fact , that online resource rises to a high level in the Yandex and Google search issuance, moreover raised by certain queries. But once in the search issuance it rises, hence, the number of visitors increases, as a result, the resource gives more.

In the network, especially in forums and on blogs often use the term "promotion" and "search engine optimization", and these terms are used as synonyms . In fact, these concepts really interconnected with each other, but in essence they are different.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) derived from the English - Search Engine Optimization. And in fact there is an internal code optimization site restructuring of its structure, texts, according to the specific requirements of search engines.

Website promotion, above all,it is their increase in issuing ratings, while using different SEO technique, both external and internal. Thus, it appears that the optimization -stage of site promotion .

You can also say that the "promotion" includes various methods of implementation that lead to the popularization of the site. These methods include mass media advertising, spam, advertising, internet marketing, viral marketing, etc. Although the client does not need to know the works process , he is more interested in the final result.

Thus, works on internal optimization includes:

1. Collection of requests or drafting of semantic core;

2. Conducting a general audit of the site;

3. Conducting a technical audit of the site;

4. Editing and writing new articles for the site;

5. Carrying out complex work on the implementation of all tasks that arose during the carrying out of site audit .

1. Collection of requests or drafting of semantic core

At this stage of works carrying used special SEO instruments,that helps to select queries,which are most use in search engines. Also at this stage studied the level of competition, the ability to overcome competition in a particular queries.

2. Conducting a general audit of the siteto help select queries, most used search engines.

After structure`s analyze of the Internet resource, should draw up a common list of recommendations for the site restructuring. This must be done for that that the information will be better perceived by users. At this stage, the site analysis for the mirror's availability , duplicate content and other factors that may affect adversely resource indexing.

3. Conducting technical audit of the site

At this stage of the work is checked all technical options, as well as identifying possible problems html-code resource.

4. Editing and writing new articles to the site

SEO copywriting - the process of writing new articles, which takes into account all the conditions and requirements that impose the search engines.

SEO rewriting - editing of all existing texts in full compliance with all requirements for search engines.

5. Carrying out complex work on the implementation of all tasks that arose during the carrying out of site audit

At this stage of the work made all the required changes to the site, while fully taking into account all suggestions, recommendations and requirements under paragraphs set out above.

General cost of website optimization is not a standard, it always varies on what amount of work to do, what is their complexity, etc. If you are interested in a particular cost, please contact us and we will form a price quote in a short period of time .

And in order that our cooperation has been clear and rewarding, the letter must specify the following parameters:

  • which your site address
  • which scope of the company, and that the subject of the resource;
  • any keywords you're interested in;
  • which a content management system (CMS) on your website;
  • whether to carry out works on modernization;
  • how did you hear about our company.
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