For several time professionals confirmed that the greatest success in online business reach those malls that when creating online store provide specifics of psychology and neyroeconomy of  their potential customers.
   The following eight tips will help to create a modern online store of sells.
   Neyroeconomic researches showed that all customers can be divided into 3 types: economical,  spenders and moderate spenders.


   Economical customers may seduce by such devices as advertising promotions, bonuses, sales, "crossed the price", installment payment, etc.
With all there are various force majeure situation. For example,you do not  change value of the product on the website,  but it was purchased by buyer. Or missing delivery in any region, and on the website, this information is not specified. Or the product is not in stock, but the website he labeled "a presence". Similar situations often occur, when similar something happened with you, does not seem afraid to admit your own guilt and apologize for the inconvenience in your own visitor. This will allow you to not lose confidence by  your customers to you and your resource.

   The landing page that comes your client must contain an offer he will not be able to refuse. Too often, companies try to offer their own product, especially for some fresh produce. You have the opportunity to offer, such as free tester of your products or additional discounts (installation, delivery, installation, etc. s) that the person was able to ascertain the quality of your product and in that, that it is not cheating.

   Convince your potential visitors exactly what they are - this is your target audience and your product is specially designed for them , emphasize their originality and uniqueness.

   Fears that the ordered product will not come on time often keeps potential visitor from purchase. Therefore, to convictions visitors which  are no confidence to your website,  should be the phrase "We guarantee delivery of the product at the appointed time," or "Our company guarantees delivery in Ukraine during 2 days". Will  offer a variety of delivery options to your  visitor , that he could pick up more acceptable for a method.

   Will offer to  visitors a variety of promotions, surprises and gifts, do not forget to congratulate them on holidays. Thus, you will win the trust of your brand and your products.

   On your website should be information that confirms your words. For example, a certificate of quality for products placed on the website,  confirm  your words, that the product is really of  high quality. Diplomas, certificates and medals of your company confirm that they can believe you. Reviews and advice by  visitors confirm your reputation.

  > The involvement of different types of buyers
     > Recognition of their shortcomings
     > An additional incentive to the buyer
     > Learn to convince
     > Do not make the customer wait
     > Continually surprised his audience
     > Confirm your words
     > The contrast between competitors

   Emphasize yours advantages over competitors. Very often rivals in an entertaining way push with each other, is particularly significant in the promotion or in the marketing rollers.