A long awaited release of Drupal 9 is going to take place in summer 2020. Thus, numerous questions arise with regard to preparation to this migration. What is the expected complexity of this process? Let us get some insight into the matter, taking into account certain facts.

A new Drupal version release implies that the support of previous ones will be ceased in 2021, which will provide website owners with the time for renewal.


It is worth mentioning that migration from Drupal 8 to Drupal 9 is going to be much easier in comparison with previous migration to Drupal 8. Moreover, it has been said that this upgrade will be quicker. The fact that Drupal 9 is being developed within Drupal 8, not on the other basis, means that CMS latest technologies will have been tested. An outdated code authentication, deletion, and renewal make an indispensable prerequisite. Once a new version is released, all the previous non-upgraded Drupal 8 modules comprising an old code will stop functioning. In this way, there is no time like the nearest future to migrate.  

The outdated code may be checked via special tools, as for - drupal-check and upgrade status. Let us take a closer look at them.

Drupal-check installation

One of the installation modes is PHAR downloading. Look at the example below:

curl -O -L


mv drupal-check.phar /usr/local/bin/drupal-check

chmod +x /usr/local/bin/drupal-check

The other mode is downloading via Composer:

composer require mglaman/drupal-check --dev

Having activated the utility, you will be able to check on a code base.

For this, write the following in the Command Line:

drupal-check [OPTIONS] [DIRS]


-a Code analysis

-d Check on older codes (by default).

For instance:

drupal-check web/modules/contrib/mailsystem


The next stage needs a code analysis:

drupal-check -a web/modules/contrib/mailsystem


Another tool that may become analogous to the previous one is Upgrate Status module.To begin work, it is enough to choose necessary modules and launch the admin area scanning process clicking the «Scan selected» button:


As soon as the scanning process has been completed, the system will depict the following result:


For instance, it is necessary to switch to Field Group module. The appearing page will enable looking through the detailed report:


The website https://www.drupal.org/ depicts the list of depreciated functions that will become unavailable soon:


Drupal team of experts have put numerous efforts to eliminate as many complexities as possible within migration to a new CMS version. In order to be prepared, it is essential to keep checking for Drupal 8 updates, absence of older codes and API. Following all the recommendations will exclude issues for website developers and owners.