Low-frequency queries in promoting the site

 Low-frequency queries in promoting the site

Why move to a low-frequency queries in promoting site?

When promoting  site in the Internet, there are two main areas from the total number of ways - strategies:

⦁ promotion on high-frequency queries;

⦁ promotion on low-frequency queries.

Often these two methods are combined,in the result is chosen such a thing as"golden mean" between the low- and high- frequencies queries.

But today one can observe a tendency that, often  when promoting the site resort to the high- frequencies queries. Today owners of search engines  are applying new algorithms and SEO-oshniki trying to find new ways to reduce costs to promote the sites. Alternatively promotion resource, you can use the promotion, where are using  low-frequency queries.

With this strategy, a lot of online resources  experienced a true salvation, they were able to circumvent its competitors through such tactics they promoted their resources in the TOP.

In what there is the advantage of using low-frequency queries?

1. Compared to high-frequency queries, there is less competition.

If used correctly optimize, in some case the site can be passed on in the TOP by low-frequency queries, with no need to use external support.

2. Such a method of promotion has a low cost.

If you take the words that writing in the first paragraph, then promote the site by using the low-frequency queries is quite simple, it is not necessary to use the purchase of links and apply other tools.

3. Investing takes place in stages.

No need to invest big money in promotion using low frequency queries. They can used in stages, each time expanding the list of low-frequency queries.

4. The increase in traffic.

Of course, it is irrational to promote in network of only one page of resource, applying a lot of amounts of low-frequency queries. Therefore, it is best to create the special additional pages. But if a large number of pages, it means there are more options for penetration to the site of new customers.

5. Results of seach - stable.

It turns out that sites - competitors is very difficult  overtake those resources that used in promoting by low - frequency controllers . After all, in fact, the number of requests can be very large, but in seach issuance their positions are strong enough, they are less affected by changes in search engine algorithms, or from the effects of other factors.

6. Covered a large segment of the target audience.

It turns out that if a high -frequency queries dilute the by a small amount low-frequency queries , then ultimately it could lead to the fact that on the site will go more visitors. But among visitors may be are marketers, bloggers, advertisers, consumers, and other interested parties. You also need to remember that low-frequency  requests can alter the very subject of the site, as a result, it leads to a reach of greater audience .

7.  There is no need to doing deep analysis for create semantic core.

There is a perception in terms of SEO-oshnikov, which to select the desired low-frequency queries ,  must carefully analyze statistics. But in fact,to this issue can be approached differently: to continuously develop the site, you must permanently add the qualitative content, and it should be thematic. That is, all the articles, data that will access the site, should fully relevant to the thematic of resource.

8. Ability to "divide the labor".

Given the fact that the promotion of a resource on low-frequency queries  greatly affects content,to this issue should be given special attention. Of course, you can do it yourself, but you can entrust this work team of content -  managers. And that their activities were most effective for this purpose for each assigned a separate section. The fact that in the promotion with use of high -frequency queries for  every word is given great importance,from this will depend  the position of the site in issue.

9. Without deep knowledge and experience can achieve excellent results.

One of the main benefits of low-frequency queries    promotion is that there is no need to know the black, gray and white methods of promotion, there is no need to experiment with strategies, techniques - you need only to correctly handle content.

Of course, every business has its disadvantages, including for the promotion with use of the low-frequency queries  - is not possible to immediately determine the budget works, and should on a permanent basis to work for that to update the content component resource.

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