How to become a successful Drupal developer

   In order to become a successful developer Drupal - to have certain baggage of knowledge not enough, it is needed yet correctly to use them, to choose correct direction. To begin to work with Drupal it is needed to know many new things. In particular, first you must listen to next advices and try to develop with every level.

   Therefore let us consider a few on the face of it simple, but powerful advices for that,that quickly and easily to be closer to the own goal - to become a successful Drupal developer :

> study Drupal : to understand with all aspects of Drupal, find many useful information( for this purpose will become to you in an adventure  web-sites and blogs of other Drupal - developers, google). Here it costs to take into account that most tasks in Drupal can be decided in number of different ways and all of them will be correct. It is therefore needed to try more variants for the decision of the put task : to try, to look and choose an exactly that variant that to you anymore befits or you  liked more. Will far simpler get along at each new task, since you already will have certain baggage of knowledge by the task, that you already executed. It is not needed to be afraid of експерементувати ! Only, usually not on the real web-site, for this purpose it is possible to avail by it dev- copy on hosting or on a local server.

> good knowledge of English : firstly, instructions on setting, all descriptions to the modules and many other - in English language; secondly -  information on Drupal on English language far more than on Ukrainian or Russian; thirdly - sometimes translating of specific terms( for example, in the module of Views ) into Ukrainian is very inexact and off-grade,  to understand it is very difficult. If knowledge of English are not very good, then it is possible to use Google Translate, but it does not translate terms and only lays out essence without logical content.

> study PHP : for development of any module or theme it is absolutely necessary to have PHP knowledge. PHP is a programming language for the"server" side of  web-sites. To work in Drupal without knowledge of the programming language is impossible, that is why PHP is an inalienable constituent for realization of aim - to become successful Drupal developer.
РНР can be classified as:

⦁ object-oriented РНР ;

⦁ functional PHP.

After an acquaintance with PHP from the point of view of Drupal,becomes easier to understand the system of hooks, find main functions that most befit for certain addition. Except РНР there are other programming languages, which each developer must to khow. Therefore it would be miraculously, that you had certain knowledge on programming languages: .

> study the module of Drupal API : API or Application Program Interface on Drupal has irreplaceable functions for work with nodes. API will allow to use the functional of the system, not submerging in his programmatic code and structure of database. For example, the function of debug() became accessible only in a seventh version Drupal . This function allows to show out on a screen  any information in an user-friendly kind. She is irreplaceable at development. ( For work with Drupal you must also become familiar with other modules.)

> the decision of errors, correction of bugs : Drupal strikes own force and unicity, that arise out of one source - community . One, even an insignificant error, can pass the long way of correction. If you educed bugs in the necessary modules, then report about it. If you corrected the existent bug, then write a patch on drupal org. But before all of it, necessary check whether this problem is decided in patches, that you would not reporting a duplicate issue. Remember, that it is needed to bring  the contribution to the correction of errors, codes or in testing, and also in the development of Drupal. The Drupal stack exchange or the IRC chats are known to give nuggets of valuable information  that will help to decide many problems into that you ran.

> knowledge of commentation, safety and code : complete familiar with these  three standard keys for success with Drupal of development :
1. Create a code that will provide and will survive all weaknesses against SQL or XSS and ensure, that your module  is resistant to opening against them.
2. For the proper functioning and general cleanness of the project go in step with codes of quality.
3. Other developers and codes must know and understand that you do.

   Thus, you must produce in itself habit to develop, not to stand in place, you must be open for cognition of other technologies.Do not forget that there are a large rivalry , then your rating must grow, to be higher, what in other. Way to the aim - to become successful Drupal developer is heavy and thorny, but do not forget that dreams come true. Main, do not lose strengths of mind and to believe for itself, and then all will be good  for you.
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