Drupal QA Testing

Drupal is a tool for building a wide variety of web portals. He appears, however, and as a content management system (CMS) and a modular web framework.

Drupal has become popular among developers, convenient both for beginners and for those companies that have long experience and offer a full service package.

The modular architecture of the core Drupal provides flexibility and provides almost unlimited possibilities to customize settings. In particular,  very easy and convenient is  to content management of a publishing system.

However, this complicates the process of  testing of settings websites, developed in Drupal, as there are many available modules and different ways to achieve the same result. Often, a third of the time required for implementation of project-specific web development, we have to spend on testing.

Testing is an essential component of every stage of the process of developing the site because it allows you to control the quality of the software at each stage to match the result of the fact which the customer expects, and if necessary, make quick adjustments. Constant feedback is very important.

In order to find the weaknesses of the program, QA and testers are doing an analyze:

- Who will use this site;

- What browsers would are used;

- From which  media can view the site.

According to that,  carry tests reliability of the program and its reaction to incorrect user actions.

During testing sites Drupal, which usually contain a great deal of different information, one of the main tasks is to check the operation of real content. The main problems that may arise, related especially with the amount of content, it formatting, length of individual pieces of content, different types of media content,content interdependence, references to work .

To improve the tracking process, should make proper bug report. Such notice must contain problem description, image / screenshot illustrating his references (at this error, for example), steps, which reproduce the problem or even a script for playback. All errors should be divided into categories according to their priority in terms of the reliability of the programs and their impact on business customers.

Improved testing process can save extremely valuable resource - time, and increase the chances of completion of each development phase on schedule.

Sometimes QA, testers scratching their dreams, destroying the illusion that the software works as expected. But it is only way to create a program that functions properly and securely.

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