Nowadays, most people use smartphones. For example, as of October 2014 64% of American adults own smartphones, and by 2018 this figure will increase by half.

   Even hard to imagine life without social networks and tape of news. Therefore, most of our customers ordering sites interested in creating mobile applications that would work in tandem with the site and would possess similar functionality or additional features.
   From platforms, under which carried the creation of mobile applications, we can easily identify Andoid and iOS.

What is iOS?

   So what is iOS? It's simple: an operating system for mobile technology Apple. The name is easy to decipher: «OS» - is "Operating System" and the letter «i» indicates that the platform is designed for i-devices - iPhone, iPad, iPod. Apple founder Steve Jobs , in his time explained that «i» in the title of his new inventions stands for individuality, informative, internet and a lot of other good effects on the letter "i".
   IOS operating system used on smartphones and tablets, Apple, and on the players of the series iPod touch (iOS  do not support other models of players). In addition, top box Apple TV is working under control of iOS    (starting with the second generation).

What is Android?

   Android is the name of a mobile operating system created by the American company Google. As a rule, Android OS is installed on most different smartphones and tablets from a number of manufacturers and offers users access to many Google services, such as Search, YouTube, Maps, Gmail and much more.
   Andoid and iOS - gadgets that operate on these operating systems, the most common.
   Users of such devices are particularly fond of diverse applications of entertainment and community, sporting, educational or business nature.

Let's see,  what are mobile apps:

  • information - used to provide users access to certain information, news;
  • transaction - intended for the payment of various goods and services purchased via the Internet;
  • communication - programs, designed to provide communication between users using resources developer or third party brands;
  • mobile versions of computer software - editors, viewers, browsers;
  • analytical program and planners - can perform various statistical observation form budget, schedule meetings, and so on. ;
  • training - designed to facilitate the development of certain users of other languages, standards, skills;
  • game - in fact, games.

   Development of mobile applications for Android, for example, will provide access to a wide audience of mobile users, so you should pay special attention to this platform. At the same time, the development of mobile applications for the iPhone is also important for your business, because users of these devices typically with incomes above the average and high, which is a huge advantage for the business.
   Customers are often asked the question: "Do you make mobile apps for IOS and Android?" The answer - "Yes." For such purposes, we use a special tool for developers called DrupalGap.

What is DrupalGap?

 DrupalGap - a tool open source software that is used to write applications for Drupal under Operational System IOS and Android. With DrupalGap can easily make a mobile app and web app for Drupal site.
   That is, in other words using DrupalGap can make a mobile app that is bound to your Drupal Site.

How work DrupalGap?

   In order to combine your Drupal website and mobile application used DrupalGap module. This so-called mediocre link. This module uses the Services and Views Datasource module, to tie mobile application and website using JSON.
   Also, for creation a mobile interface using jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap to compile the application.
   Thus the output we get a functioning mobile application that can run on both IOS and the Android.
   Note that this method of creating mobile applications are much cheaper than traditional development, since the use DrupalGap simplifies code writing and enables to finish the job by a shorter period of time .