The brightest modules for Drupal 8

We already got acquainted with the new improvements in Drupal 8 and its features. In this article, I want to raise the issue of the best and most effective modules for Drupal 8. Among the many modules for Drupal 8, I propose that you pay attention to the most relevant and brightest ones in my point of view.

Improvement in speed - Drupal 8 module Subrequests.

Content migration to Drupal 8

Drupal 8 brought a lot of changes to our CMF, to someone it seemed superfluous and very complex, but indifferent clearly didn`t remain. Today, it is, probably, the most popular type of work for freelancers - the transition to Drupal 8.

In a new branch, there is no such thing as an upgrade of the kernel; we can`t copy Drupal 8 files to the root of our site, for example on Drupal 7 and run update.php - as we did in previous releases of the engine.

Work with the database in Drupal 8

One of the innovations Drupal 7 was an object-oriented approach in the system of building queries to the database. The system was built on functions such as db_select, db_update, db_insert, etc. Direct query writing based on the db_query and db_query_range functions was also supported. The main advantages of this campaign are the lack of binding to a particular database and the convenience of code support.

New Improvements in Drupal 8

  Recently, in Drupal 8 has appeared significant improvements, unlike Drupal 6 and 7. Now, after the release of Drupal 8, it's easy to create and edit content, even for those who are not an expert in writing code, since the content editing options "on place ", improved preview and the ability to drag uploaded images greatly simplify life.


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