Microdata, JSON-LD and


   Microdata (also RDFa or Microformats) is a semantic markup HTML pages for describing their content.
Google and other major search engines support to structure the data. This dictionary notes the standard definitions of the main types of information on the page for the key elements. More than 10000000 of the sites use the dictionary for marking up its web pages.

The data on the page can be structured in three different formats:

Site. Why do you need it?

   It is unlikely that you will find today the company (at least in large cities),that don`t has its own internet site. Internet commerce and Internet advertising every year more and more gaining momentum because it is extremely advantageous over conventional methods of trading and advertising.

What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization, eng.) - optimization of search engines. This is a set of activities for web-site promote in search results or in other words improving of positions in search engine for user queries. The higher the position in the search results on request, the more guests will come on it.

Psychology of client or how to increase sales online store

   For several time professionals confirmed that the greatest success in online business reach those malls that when creating online store provide specifics of psychology and neyroeconomy of  their potential customers.
   The following eight tips will help to create a modern online store of sells.
   Neyroeconomic researches showed that all customers can be divided into 3 types: economical,  spenders and moderate spenders.


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