The Ajax module is intended for management of full AJAX! By means of this module it is possible to fix with ajax technology any form of Drupal. Generally this technology is used by Drupaloutsourcing developers for this purpose of checking, viewing and saving of data without reset of all page. "From a box", the Ajax module keeps the majority of shape, and also provides API for developers of modules and the interface for the managing administrator of the site.

Standardly, during saving of the form of value of its elements undergo a series of testing. When these checks are successfully complete, the page is refreshed, and to the user is corresponding message about refreshing . For example, if filling of a field of a user name is required, and the user leaves this field blank and keeps a form, after reset of the page the message "Will be displayed fill the field "Name"".

This module allows to execute check of fields and to display the message without reset of the page. Such approach can be more convenient and pleasant. If all fields are filled truly, the user can be redirected on the necessary page. Here some reasons for which you can want to use this:

  • Very simple installation, the majority of shape is kept right after inclusion
  • Upload module - The Upload Module (Loading) allows users to load files on the site. Opportunity to load files is important for those participants of community who want to exchange files or to use them in the documents and comments.
  • Image module - The Image Module allows to process images and adds the field "Image" for images to the contents.
  • CAPTCHA module - The module purpose — to block addition of messages of a spam. The module allows to adjust types and appearance of tests.
  • Comment module - The Comment Module allows users to add comments to documents, to respond to comments of other users and to conduct discussions.
  • ThickBox module - The Thickbox Module allows to show single images, groups of images, the built-in contents, the contents in windows or any other contents through AJAX, using thus various forms of a conclusion.
  • User module - The User Module allows to be registered on the site and operates accounts.
  • Wysiwyg API module - The Wysiwyg API Module is intended for integration with Drupal of a text editor.
  • FCKeditor/CKEditor module - The FCKeditor Module allows to use a text editor of FCKeditor in Drupale.
  • WYSIWYG module - The Wysiwyg Module allows to integrate various text editors with the site.
  • QuickTabs module - The Quick Tabs Module allows to create blocks with the contents between which it is possible to switch by means of tabs.
  • Preview support
  • Well documentary API with examples