The newest Drupal 8.4.0 is impressive with its capabilities

As we already know - every six months a new version of Drupal comes out. So in this article I want to talk about the opportunities of the latest version of Drupal - Drupal 8.4.0. It was released on October 4th.

Advantages of the newest Drupal 8.4.0

Drupal 8.4.0 brings tangible improvements in content editing, multimedia workflow, workflow directory, site administration, configuration directory, migration, third-party integration, site performance, automated testing, and so on. A little most detail - right now.

Facile uptime and respect for Drupal 8.4 to their precursors

The concept of backward compatibility with precursor`s variants, which provides ease of upgrades, is now incredibly topical in Drupal 8. Certainly, Drupal 8.4 is inversely similar to Drupal 8.3. This applies to public APIs, while internal APIs may require special attention.

In general, updating from 8.3 and 8.4 is as simple as, say, 8.3.2 to 8.3.3. All sites should upgrade and enjoy improvements to 8.4.0!

Newest modules and affection Drupal 8.4 for experiments

According to Drupal 8, each subversion contains a number of elegant and useful modules that start their journey as experimental, and then achieve stability. Drupal 8.4 experiments proved to be extremely successful!

So let`s speak about the "newcomers" of the kernel.

These modules were initially experimental, but now they have achieved stability in Drupal 8.4:

Inline Form Errors

Users easily learn about data entry errors due to the module, which displays a summary of errors in the top of the form. It also issues individual error messages for form elements. All this is accessible to screen readers, which is a big plus in terms of web accessibility.


The Media module helps the entire Media Entity - based contributory ecosystem by offering an API for reusing multimedia essentials.

Datetime Range

The Datetime Range module allows you to set a deadline for contributory modules, such as Calendar.

Layout Discovery

The Layout Discovery module offers an API that provides compatibility between kernel layouts and backgammon layouts. It allows modules and themes to register their layouts. Workflows The Workflows module offers a state system that shows progress ("draft", "archived", and "published"). Processes may or may not be related to the publication of the content.

And these modules will achieve stability in the near future:

Content Moderation

The Content Moderation module offers effective ways to use the Workflows module to work with content.

Settings Tray

This module facilitates the simulation, allowing you to customize blocks, menus, and other elements with the frontend's capabilities.

Place Blocks

With the Place Blocks module, you will be able to place a block on any page and immediately see how it will look on the site without resorting to the administration.

Field Layout

The Field Layout module offers exceptional opportunities for reorganization of fields.

Migrate, Migrate Drupal, and Migrate

Drupal UI and this "team" are responsible for providing a common API for migrations, migration support, and a convenient user interface for migrations.

Drupal 8.4 and support for everything new

New Symfony, jQuery and jQuery UI

Take the best from Symfony and jQuery! Very useful improvements to Drupal 8.4.x include Symfony upgrade to 3.2, jQuery up to 3, and jQuery UI up to 1.12.

"No" to old browsers

Starting with Drupal 8.4.x, Internet Explorer 9 and 10 will cease to exist. Sites will still be displayed in these browsers, but bugs will no longer be fixed. The support will be fully completed in Drupal 8.5.x.

Drush update

To work effectively with Drupal 8.4.x, you need to upgrade Drush to version 8.1.12 before using.


This was just a brief overview of improvements in Drupal 8.4. If you need help updating your site to 8.4.0, or if you are interested in upgrading your site to Drupal 8 with Drupal 7 or 6, our developers are always at your service.

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