The brightest modules for Drupal 8

We already got acquainted with the new improvements in Drupal 8 and its features. In this article, I want to raise the issue of the best and most effective modules for Drupal 8. Among the many modules for Drupal 8, I propose that you pay attention to the most relevant and brightest ones in my point of view.

Improvement in speed - Drupal 8 module Subrequests.

The first module at we must to pay attention to is Subrequests.
It provides Drupal and an extraneous system (various types of applications, external systems) by an exceptional speed in understanding each other. That is, with the Subrequests module, any application can quickly accept HTML data from Drupal in the correct format. This is a kind of "translator" that saves time and helps Drupal 8 provide the developer with high-quality information for quick work. We use this module to make the "translation" as fast as possible.

The feature of this module - is sending grouped queries to the JSON API under one. That is, all queries are automatically grouped by the Subrequests module and displayed as one. This improves the speed of data acquisition and greatly simplifies the process. This request transmits all information (the name "blueprint" of the needs of the application stored in the JSON document. "Blueprint" contains sub-questions "subrequest objects".) The Subrequests module works best in conjunction with PHP libraries.

You can also use the following web-based helpers to transform data: modules HAL, HTTP Basic Authentication or Serialization.

Improvement in terms of web accessibility in Drupal 8 - Superfish module

The next module at we must to pay attention to is the Superfish module. For best ease of use and creation of interactive multi-level menus now in Drupal 8 we can use Superfish. Superfish menus are compatible with touchscreen devices and are available for screen readers. You can manage these menus using the keyboard.

  Advantages of the Superfish module:

  Effects of "easing";

  RTL Text Line Support;


  Wide choice of options;

  Automatic adaptation;

  Improved animation;

  and more.

Pathauto and Token - Improvement in obtaining of SEO-friendly URLs.

If you don`t want to manually enter a URL and specify a path, then you need to install the Pathauto module. Thanks to the markers (tokens) used by this module automatically selects the link and path for any content. Usually Pathauto works best with the Token module, which directly adds non-supported tokens. With their collaborative work, you can get the exact URL for the node, including Drupal 8.

Improvements for Online Stores in Drupal 8 - Drupal Commerce 2.0 / 2.x and Ubercart

Bright new items for Internet- commerce in Drupal 8 surprise us with their capabilities and functionality. Drupal Commerce 2.0 has opened many opportunities for us to create the most up-to-date online stores in the upgraded Drupal 8.

It does not cease to amaze us with further improvements:

  Stable release;

  Flexible check-outs

  Ludwig for easier installation;

  Tax Servers;

  More than 30 payment methods;

  Improved currency management;

  Twig Templates;

  More user-friendly interfaces;

  Sales of goods and their variations in various online stores;

  And others.

There are also many more modules to support online commerce, without which one can`t imagine the work of any online store. The most popular ones - are Commerce: Stripe, Square Connect, Paitrail, SmartPay, Wordline and others.

Ubercart - is a newer module for E-Commerce in Drupal 8, an integrated payment system. It includes modules to support various areas of Internet commerce.

Some special aspects of Ubercart:

  registration as anonymous buyer;

  availability of product classes;

  product tracking and messages about its availability;

  various variations of the product and its attributes;

  automated order processing;

  a notice of successful payment of the goods, automatically arrives to the administrator and the buyer;

  different payment options;

  opportunity to observe the process of delivery of the necessary product;

  compulsory reporting on sold goods and others. Live Chat in Drupal 8 – new online chat

A brilliant application for the online store in Drupal 8 is the Live Chat module, which is designed to support online customer consultation in your store. This module transmits online chat to an online store. With this module you will provide powerful and timely customer support.

Improve your security system with CAPTCHA in Drupal 8

Unfortunately, on the Internet today, we can meet different users who are not necessarily human beings. It may be bots. To protect your site from different types of bots, the CAPTCHA module offers you to use different types of tasks, special tests to help identify a user's personality and protect your web-site from spam.

Control the text on pages with the Diff module - is another feature in Drupal 8.

Diff - this module will be useful when it comes to checking and controlling electronic pages. With it, we can monitor each change in content on the pages. Special tabs store all changes that occurred in the text, they will be marked with different colors in all version of the page. When we open this tab, then we see all versions of the text that have been modified by users. With Diff, we can control all the processes that have been performed on our text and see who has implemented them. If necessary, you can block access to information for a user who has committed unnecessary operations that have been detrimental to your text.

Another very popular module among developers - Views.

We can`t imagine the work of the site without the View module, which provides full control of all the features and capabilities of your site. For example, to select the appropriate terms of the terms, sort the view window in different modes on any page to add features, get a monthly archive and much more. I suggest paying attention to one of the Views - Slideshow Views Module.

Slideshows will only work with JavaScript libraries. Be sure to download them together with the module. It allows you to create a slide show with any number of pages View, adjusting each one the way you need, using the settings. Slideshow Views develops slide shows of any type of Views page.

We reviewed some of the most popular modules for Drupal 8. You can use these modules when creating your site on Drupal 8 or any other that you will need. If you want a new unique site specifically tailored to your requirements - the Drupaloutsourcing team will help you.

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