Asgard, as one of the modern Internet services

Information technology is constantly evolving and improving, so it is not surprising that appear new services, which differ in their purpose and range of services.

There are both standard and non-standard Internet services. Standard development in accordance with international standards, but from non-standard services - this is the original development of a company that has the right to depart from international standards.

Among the original modern services is Asgard, which is designed to run projects and control the implementation of tasks by employees of the company.

What is the feature of the Asgard application?

Asgard - is a modern application that provides a link between the company's employees in which the computerized work process and allows you to store and create the necessary information for any project or task.

The peculiarity of the application is that here it is possible to record the time spent on the execution of individual project tasks and determine the activity of each employee using the asgard time tracker.

Advantages of Asgard:

- Easy to use;

- There are no restrictions on the number of projects, tasks and employees;

- Availability of a time logger that greatly simplifies the work of employees that have hourly work proses;

- Quick access to all files and project tasks that will be stored in Asgard;

- Ability to choose the state of the task, that is, at what stage it is located;

- Confidentiality;

- Determines the activity of each employee both in a separate project, and in terms of the periods of work on the project and in the period of time in general.

- Minimized comfortable menu.

What actions can be performed on Asgard?

Asgard app - is a service that allows you to keep under control the work of the company's employees, in which the computerized process of work.

In Asgard you can run projects, add project tasks, log time, save different files to tasks and projects, communicate in the comments to the task, etc. Asgard - is a time planner, because due to logging time, employees already know how much time it takes to spend on a similar task, that they done, so it's easy to plan the time and date of the project closing.

How to start working with this service?

To get started, you need to contact the company that developed this application, here is the link:, choose an option according to the Asgard pricing policy that suits you. You can also individually choose how to use the asgard features for you.

Asgard pricing: A simplified version, the easy level will cost you $ 49 and will include: Unlimited number of users, unlimited number of tasks and unlimited number of projects. A more turbo version costs $ 199 and includes: The above listed plus logging of daily activity, employee time report and telegram notifications. The VIP version price is $ 399, including all the previous features and the ability to change the business process, the Android/iOS app, the ability to expand the functionality that is negotiated individually for individual needs.

After installing the application, you need to register and add all employees. Then you can start adding projects and tasks to these projects! In the main menu, drop the Add project and enter the name, save it. Then you can already give a task to the staff on the created projects. Task executors can log the time spent on the task and track activity using tracker of time - Today activity.

All project tasks are in Dasnboard, Home. On task monitor each employee sees only those tasks that relate to the projects on which they are assigned. And it ensures complete privacy and makes it easier to find the right job.

  Asgard Project management becomes much easier and saves time, as:

- All information and necessary files are in one place;

- It is easy to determine the required number of hours to perform similar tasks from other projects;

- Employees themselves indicate at what stage is the task (no need to worry the workers once more, but only look at the task monitor and find the one needed and check its condition);

- A simple time tracker, which automatically calculates the hours spent on tasks and summarizes them for each employee, project and tasks for different periods of time.

So, Asgard - is the important application for companies in which the process of work is connected with computers. It saves time, easy to use, helps to control the work of employees and correctly calculates the time spent. You can learn more about the application and the terms of the installation on the official website:             

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